Detox drink recipes

  • Lemonade, castor oil cleanse

Lemons contain ascorbic acid that assists in the cleansing process

Mix a tablespoonful of castor oil with equivalent amount of lemon juice in a glass. This method works best in the morning when the stomach is empty. Drink the mixture then sip several glasses of hot water-like you would sip tea, until you feel the urge to pass stool. After three bowel movements, stop sipping the water. You may feel nauseated and exhausted. This is an expected side effect that clears on its own. Drink natural yogurt to restore normal flora. Avoid fatty food or nuts on this day. This method can be repeated at least after 2 weeks

  • Green detox drink

This vegetable detox drink is made up of green vegetables and water. This is done in 3 days. On these days, avoid all sugars, alcohol, sodas, processed foods, grains, gluten and animal products in your diet. Instead, enjoy green juices, smoothies and plant based meals. Stay well hydrated during this period.


Take a green juice, basically a juice made of kale, spinach, cucumber, lemon and ginger.

(Optional)-Add a low sugar fruit e.g. apple.


Instead of a heavy lunch that requires a lot of energy to digest, take a nutrient dense green smoothie instead.


If you feel you need a snack before dinner, try snacking on cut up raw vegetables e.g. cucumber slices, carrots or avocado (half)


Dinner should be the largest, densest meal of this program. The time between dinner and the next day’s breakfast is long enough to digest the meal. Start each dinner with a large green salad. Add a quarter of avocado for density. Have a baked sweet potato or squash such as butternut or corn.

NB: Get plenty of sleep, drink lots of water, treat yourself to a massage during this detox period.

  • Fresh cranberry juice

Cranberry juice contains Vitamin C, Manganese and antioxidants. Take one glass of cranberry juice daily for best results.

  • Cucumber and lemon detox water

This is best for boosting immunity and flashing out toxins from your system. Works best when taken in the morning. To make this drink, you need 8 cups of water, a sliced cucumber, lemon and mint leaves. Mix all the ingredients in a large jar and keep in the fridge overnight. (you can opt to blend the cucumber with mint and add lemon juice)

  • Lemon and ginger detox drink

Ginger is a natural detoxing agent and a natural painkiller. Take a sliced lemon, crated ginger and squeezed lemon juice as well. Put in a liter of water. Drink in the morning.


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