Home remedies for common cold in children

Overview A common cold is a viral infection of your baby's nose and throat. The common indication includes sneezing, running nose and nasal congestion. Babies are susceptible to common cold because of their developing immunity. Common cold is transmitted through droplets. Most babies get infected by older children and adults around them. Children in child … Continue reading Home remedies for common cold in children


Healthy eating for better health

Its advisable to maintain a healthy life style by ensuring that everyday your meals contain the five food groups illustrated in the image below. The main nutrients are; carbohydrates- 59-60g of total calories should come from carbohydrates. These are energy giving foods and include, bread, potatoes, spaghetti, rice,ugali, chapati etc Proteins- 12-15g of the calories … Continue reading Healthy eating for better health

How to increase breast milk supply

Being a mom is every woman's joy, breastfeeding and lactation is at the center of it. Health experts recommend exclusive breastfeeding for up to 6 months. Breast milk has all the nutrients a baby needs at this age. These nutrients include calories, proteins, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants that strengthen the baby's immune system in order … Continue reading How to increase breast milk supply

Urinary tract infections (UTI)

UTI is inflammation of the organs in the urinary tract i.e bladder, kidneys uretus and the urethra. Its caused caused by a gastrointestinal bacteria called Escherichia coli. Its mostly common in women. Causes of urinary tract infections *Poor personal hygiene *inadequate water intake *pregnancy-pregnancy hormones change the normal pH of the urinary tract hence predisposing … Continue reading Urinary tract infections (UTI)